Money back guarantee

Our writing company cares about the clients, so we do our utmost to meet all their expectations. Before beginning to fill the order form, it might be a wise decision to familiarize yourself with some things you have the right to, such as a money-back guarantee, which we think would only strengthen your confidence in our assistance. The acknowledgement of reciprocal responsibilities by our team and the customers definitely helps us to carry on more confidently, helping you the best way possible.

In most cases, our customers do not resort to this feature due to our first-class results that adhere to even really strict time frames. Keep in mind, among many services we provide our clients with we have an option of free revision as well.

Applying for a refund, you need to make sure that your case corresponds the description of the conditions presented below. Please take notice of the fact that based on the details of your order the refund may be partial or full.

100% refund

  1. The same order placed two times
    Having made two orders which are identical, what you need to do is get in touch with our consumer support team and notify us of this fact. If the writer has been chosen, and our specialist is already working on your assignment, receiving a full refund is not possible. For that reason, we ask our clients to make their orders attentively to prevent such an accident.
  2. Customer had cancelled their order before we found a suitable writer
    In this case, a 100 % refund is definitely available. Every last purchaser has the right to get a 100 % refund before the writer begins working on your order.
  3. Possible difficulties with finding a free specialist for order processing
    We work only with those who possess a comprehensive expertise in various spheres, but even if you are that experienced, it sometimes can be really challenging to handle a heavy workload given that the order demands very specific skillset.
  4. The customer was charged twice
    Despite the fact that we attentively check all the orders and payments, double-billing might happen, but very rarely. Having been charged twice for one order, don’t worry – inform us about it as soon as possible. In such cases, the receipts would be the most crucial condition to receiving a refund.

Partial refund

This type of a refund will be approved if your situation is deemed as equivalent to one of those explained in this sub-section:

  1. Difficulties with meeting the deadlines
    Sometimes, as a result of various unpredictable issues, it could be quite hard to deliver the order by the due date. The good news is, such situations hardly ever take place. We negotiate the amount of refund individually with every single customer since it’s influenced by various variables. But, it sometimes is because of customer’s carelessness. If the author does not receive all the materials which are necessary for the assignment, the deadline date could be postponed. That’s why the money-back option isn’t always available in case of an overshot deadline date. Therefore, we advise sending everything right after you filled out the order form.
  2. Cancelling the order while it has already been given to our professional
    At this point, you can receive up to 70% of the full amount to cover writer’s work with the rest. When there is less than half of the total time remaining to the deadline, your refund will be 50% max.
  3. Dissatisfaction with the final result
    Let our manager know your comments concerning the final result, and we will try to do our utmost to resolve any difficulties. In case it is really our fault, and your complaints are reasonable, we’ll offer you a partial refund depending on the circumstances. We are always open for any customers’ feedback about our services because it can help us improve and provide you only with remarkable custom papers.
  4. Plagiarized works
    Having provided us with some proof showing that your paper contains non-referenced information that has been already used elsewhere, you can count on receiving a part of your money back after our assessment.

No refund

  1. You received a mark which does not match your expectations
    You can be absolutely sure that our professionals do their utmost to provide our customers with only top-rate papers, but the mark you get for it is composed of not only the written work alone but also of your demonstration and the teacher’s methods of estimation.
  2. Ordering “polishing services” (proofreading, editing, formatting)
    We gladly supply our clients with different improving services, but we think it is important to emphasize that we in no way change the content material of the given paper. We are not liable for any complaints regarding the content.

Money-back process

Once we validate the refund request, your money will be returned over a period not exceeding five workdays. When there are some issues with the financial transaction involving any third-party organizations, remember that such complaints are not subject to review.

Also, we offer the money-back option for the sum of more than 10 USD since otherwise it hardly covers the transaction fees. Additionally, we can offer you to put the refund money on your account so that you could use it for potential orders.