Privacy Policy

The approach we take to handle your personal info is explained down below – continue reading to discover more about this aspect.

Personal details

Some details like your contact and billing information are required to place the order correctly.
Full confidentiality of your data is guaranteed. We only use it for purposes related to ordering.
We by no means sell or give access to the user data for any purposes. We can use your e-mail for order-related communication only.
Contact numbers are needed in order to call the client in some emergencies such as instruction clarifications, corrupted files, and other instances of this type.

Information about the visitor

Whenever a client visits our site, we collect data about the operating system and browser they are using.
We use those pieces of user’s information to expand the site’s usability taking into account all your expectations, but we never reveal anything to the third parties.

Web Cookies

Marketing analysis by means of Google Analytics is one of the major reasons we collect and make use of your cookies.
Any private info can’t be viewed through cookies due to the fact only some non-essential details on the person’s Internet browsing activity are saved there.
Eventually, we are given summarized cookie data analysis reports from Google to improve the website further.

External Links

We can’t be held accountable for partial, prohibited or inaccurate or particularly for damage arising from the use or non-use of any material provided on linked web-sites.
This Privacy Policy section is consistently edited to satisfy dynamic user needs.
Please do not forget to revisit this Online Privacy Policy section to see if any kind of adjustments were made.